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Open Thread: Game 108 - @ Cincinnati Reds

Can you feel the excitement? Greg Maddux starts his first game as a Dodger tonight. While I would have lived a happier life if this had occurred in 1993, I'll take it. Hopefully he can get seven innings in and keep the Dodgers in the game. Maddux has had a good ground ball to fly ball ratio throughout his career, settling in at about two grounders for every fly each of the last four years (he hit as high as 3 to 1 during his peak). Meanwhile, Milton logs in at around 0.6 ground balls per fly ball. Many have wondered why a team that plays in Great America Ballpark would sign such a pitcher. I have no plausible explanation.

3 games back, folks. Arizona took out Chicago 10-2 in the first half of a double header.

Go Blue.

The Pitching Match-up:

Greg Maddux (RHP, Dodgers) vs. Eric Milton (RHP, Reds)

(I may not be back at my computer before start time. If I am, I'll post lineups)