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Open Thread: Game 133 - Cincinnati Reds

Cincinnati (67-66) vs. LA Dodgers (70-62) 7:10pm



Ryan Freel RF .280/.371/.413
Adam Dunn LF .249/.374/.536
Rich Aurilia SS .289/.340/.523
Ken Griffey Jr. CF .256/.320/.493
Edwin Encarnaci?n 3B .293/.377/.525
Scott Hatteberg 1B .304/.396/.473
Brandon Phillips 2B .301/.347/.461
Jason LaRue C .173/.307/.286
Aaron Harang P .143/.172/.143

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .283/.356/.400
Kenny Lofton CF .308/.366/.405
Julio Lugo 2B .234/.322/.286
J.D. Drew RF .276/.377/.457
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .316/.386/.507
Andre Ethier LF .335/.375/.529
Wilson Betemit 3B .247/.297/.484
Russell Martin C .286/.357/.444
Greg Maddux P .200/.182/.300

Pitching Matchup:

Aaron Harang vs Greg Maddux
13 W 2
9 L 0
3.67 ERA 2.32
181.1 IP 31.0
8.35 K/9 4.35
2.48 BB/9 1.74
0.99 HR/9 0.29

Jeff Kent gets the night off as the Dodgers go for the sweep. Julio Lugo takes his place, and is hitting third. I'm sure Grady has his reasons for doing this, I'm just not sure what they are.

Poor Russel Martin is pressed into duty again despite catching seven innings on his day off.

After last nights game, Wilson Betemit is now the only Dodger regular with an isolated power over .200

Prior to the game, Tim Hamulack was sent back to Vero Beach and Hong-Chih Kuo was called up. A good move considering how much work the bullpen got last night. Let's hope the control Kuo developed in Vegas sticks in the majors.

Scoreboard watching:

San Diego beats Arizona 4-1
Philadelphia beats Washington 5-1