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Open Thread: Game 110 - @ Florida Marlins

Dodgers (54-55) vs. Marlins (51-58) 3:05 PM


Chad Billingsley (2-3, 3.93) vs. Josh Johnson (9-5, 2.52)

If it weren't for Fransico Liriano and Justin Verlander, we'd probably be hearing all about a new young phenom named Josh Johnson. Johnson has struck out over eight per nine, and has allowed only 10 home runs in 110 2/3rds innnings. He has a some slight control issues (1.96 K/BB), but these are certainly acceptable for a 22 year old.

In a season where young pitchers like Johnson and Liriano have been dominant, some might be dissapointed with Billingsley. Right now, he's lucky to have an ERA under four. Billingsley has the second worst walk rate (6.79/9) amongst pitchers who have thrown more than 50 innings while he's not striking people out (a little over five per nine) and he allows home runs at an average 1.07 per nine rate. I'm not critizing Billingsley's future potential, it's just a bit dissapointing to see him struggle in a year where so many young pitchers have found success.

I'll be heading out soon, so no lineups today.