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Comparing Grady Little To Mr. Burns: Part Two


Olsen is holding left-handed hitters to a .160 batting average with 33 of 100 batters striking out and nobody hitting a home run. Right-handers aren't doing much better at .252.

So Little will stack his lineup with right-handed hitters. He'll sit left-handed hitters Kenny Lofton (who probably would have missed the day game after night game regardless of the pitcher), J.D. Drew and James Loney. Little will start Olmedo Saenz at first base, Jason Repko in center field and in right field, Ramon Martinez, his first outfield appearance since 2002.

If at anytime you say to yourself "you know, I don't want J.D. Drew in my lineup, I think I'm going to run Ramon Martinez out there", you're using the same thought process that made Mr. Burns pinch hit Homer Simpson for Darryl Strawberry.

The Simpsons' writers admitted they weren't huge baseball fans, yet they somehow managed to create some of the most amazing commentary on the intellegence of the average manager.