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Open Thread: Game 111 - @ Florida Marlins

Dodgers (55-55) vs. Marlins (51-59) 10:05 AM


Mark Hendrickson (0-4, 4.89) vs. Scott Olsen (9-4, 3.90)

The Dodgers go for their ninth straight win against another Marlins phenom: Scott Olsen

Only 22, Olsen has very similar peripheral stats to yesterday's starter Josh Johnson, but he has a ERA that is a run and a half higher. He strikes out almost a batter an inning, and he has a little better than a two to one strikeout to walk ratio. The only thing Johnson has on him is home run rate since Olsen gives up an average 1.09 HR/9.

Hendrickson, on the other hand, has pitched like he had in 2004 and 2005 since coming to the Dodgers. He doesn't strike anyone out (4.37/9), he has a piddling 1.13 K/BB ratio, but at least he keeps the ball in the park at an average rate. When you combine this with a ton of unearned runs (5.91 run average) you have a pitcher than has been under replacement level for the Dodgers. Nevertheless, the Dodgers have the momentum of a runaway freight train, so anything is possible.


SS Rafael Furcal
CF Jason Repko
2B Julio Lugo
1B Olmedo Saenz
LF Andre Ethier
3B Wilson Betemit
C  Toby Hall
RF Ramon Martinez (sigh)
P  Mark Hendrickson

SS Hanley Ramirez
2B Dan Uggla
3B Miguel Cabrera
LF Cody Ross
1B Wes Helms
RF Jeremy Hermida
C  Paul Hoover
CF Reggie Abercrombie
P  Scott Olsen