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Open Thread: Game 146 - @ Chicago Cubs

LA Dodgers (77-68) vs. Chi Cubs (58-88) 11:20am


LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .298/.366/.436
Kenny Lofton CF .303/.362/.401
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .308/.376/.507
J.D. Drew RF .275/.379/.460
Jeff Kent 2B .280/.368/.472
Wilson Betemit 3B .256/.300/.488
Marlon Anderson LF .333/.350/.556
Russell Martin C .292/.361/.439
Hong-Chih Kuo P .000/.000/.000

Chi Cubs

Juan Pierre CF .288/.330/.383
Ryan Theriot 2B .301/.389/.470
Aramis Ram?rez 3B .284/.347/.538
Derrek Lee 1B .288/.372/.482
Matt Murton LF .299/.363/.437
?ngel Pag?n RF .265/.323/.422
Henry Blanco C .267/.311/.443
Ronny Cede?o SS .245/.273/.332
Wade Miller P .000/.000/.000

Pitching Matchup:

Hong-Chih Kuo vs Wade Miller
1 W 0
4 L 1
4.46 ERA 12.00
36.1 IP 3.0
10.72 K/9 9
7.23 BB/9 15
0.5 HR/9 6

Once again, no Ethier. Grady's reason for this is that he's "mentally tired". Jon pretty much echoes my feelings here. This is the first real slump that Ethier has had in his career, he needs to be able to work through it himself. Starting Marlon Anderson instead of Ethier isn't going to help the team much, and it forces the Ethier to just sit and wait instead of actually being able to figure oout his problems. Marlon Anderson is well on his way to becoming 2006's Mike Edwards.

Not much to say about last nights game, other than it was nice to see the good Penny come back, even if it was against an anemic offense.

The magic number over the Phillies is 15.