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Open Thread: Game 147 - San Diego Padres

San Diego (76-69) vs. LA Dodgers (77-69) 7:40pm


San Diego

Dave Roberts LF .300/.367/.408
Todd Walker 3B .289/.375/.411
Brian Giles RF .269/.381/.398
Mike Piazza C .282/.338/.508
Adri?n Gonz?lez 1B .293/.345/.486
Mike Cameron CF .265/.350/.472
Geoff Blum SS .249/.285/.371
Josh Barfield 2B .283/.324/.430
David Wells P 1.000/1.000/1.000

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .296/.364/.433
Kenny Lofton CF .302/.361/.400
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .308/.374/.505
Jeff Kent 2B .277/.364/.466
J.D. Drew RF .276/.381/.467
Julio Lugo 3B .220/.287/.275
Russell Martin C .288/.358/.434
Marlon Anderson LF .350/.417/.700
Greg Maddux P .188/.176/.250

Pitching Matchup:

David Wells vs Greg Maddux
0 W 3
0 L 2
4.09 ERA 3.51
11.0 IP 48.2
3.27 K/9 4.29
0.82 BB/9 1.87
0.82 HR/9 0.56

Marlon Anderson starting once again. At this point I'm declaring this no longer a newsworthy event, Marlon Anderson is now the Dodgers left fielder. The Big Board will be updated to reflect this change. The last thing I'll say about this is which is more likely: that Marlon Anderson will continue to put up studly numbers like he has in his first 20 at bats, or that he's the same guy who is too crappy to hold down a job as a starting middle infielder, let alone a corner outfielder.

The Dodgers magic number over the Phillies and Giants is 14. Let's get it done.