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Marlon Anderson Facts

Marlon Anderson has hit .455/.486/1.000 in 36 plate appearances for the Dodgers. Good for a 1.486 OPS.

The five home runs he has hit for the Dodgers exceeds his home run totals from 1998 (1 in 43 at bats), 2000 (1 in 162 at bats), and ties his total from 1999 (5 in 452 at bats) as well as the time he spent with the Nationals this year (5 in 215 at bats).

Prior to this streak, Marlon Anderson's best stretch over a similar period of time was from 7/16/01 - 7/25/01. In 38 at bats, Anderson hit .473/.512/.736 with two home runs for the Phillies.

Marlon Anderson has the L.A. Dodger record for least amount of plate appearances as a Dodger to hit five home runs. Here's the Dodgers that have accomplished that feat in 50 or less plate appearances:

Marlon Anderson '06 - 36
Matt Kemp '06 - 42
Don Drysdale '58 - 43
Kevin Elster '01 - 48
Jimmy Wynn '74 - 48
Steve Bilko '58 - 50

Since it took Matt Kemp 42 plate appearances before he hit his fifth home run as a Dodger.  Matt Kemp will now be called Marlon Anderson light.

His five home runs puts him ahead of seven Dodgers who have at least 100 at bats. He's tied with Jose Cruz for 10th on the Dodgers in home runs.

Anderson has put up a better than .800 OPS just twice in his professional career. In AAA  in 1998 from Scranton, and with Scranton again in 2000.

Marlon Anderson has counted to infinity. Twice.