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Open Thread: Game 155 - Arizona Diamondbacks

Arizona (72-81) vs. LA Dodgers (81-73) 7:10pm



Eric Byrnes CF .270/.319/.482
Orlando Hudson 2B .290/.359/.462
Luis Gonz?lez LF .276/.359/.458
Johnny Estrada C .305/.332/.452
Chad Tracy 3B .277/.339/.440
Conor Jackson 1B .284/.365/.426
Stephen Drew SS .317/.360/.527
Carlos Quentin RF .239/.329/.500
Miguel Batista P .109/.138/.127

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .299/.367/.450
Kenny Lofton CF .298/.357/.391
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .301/.367/.497
Jeff Kent 2B .287/.377/.478
J.D. Drew RF .278/.388/.484
Wilson Betemit 3B .242/.303/.443
Marlon Anderson LF .400/.444/.875
Russell Martin C .285/.356/.438
Brad Penny P .188/.188/.234

Pitching Matchup:

Miguel Batista vs Brad Penny
10 W 16
7 L 8
4.40 ERA 4.13
194.1 IP 183.0
4.87 K/9 6.79
3.66 BB/9 2.51
0.79 HR/9 0.84

Since the Phillies seem to have found the secret to success in September, don't lose...ever, the Dodgers once again find themselves in a situation where if they lose, they're out of a playoff spot.

Best case scenario: Dodgers pull .5 games ahead of the Padres and Phillies.

Worst case scenario: Dodgers fall .5 back of the Phillies and 1.5 back of the Padres.

The magic number is nine over the Phillies.

Zack Duke takes on Jake Peavy at 7:05 in San Diego.

Please don't suck Brad Penny.