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Various Thoughts

We needed that win, that's for sure. Good to see that Nomar can contribute some heroics, if nothing else.

On that subject, why is Nomar beloved while Brad Penny is hated? When they annouced they were giving away a Brad Penny poster for fan appreciation day, it recieved a chorus of boos. Both players had amazing first halves, and other than a couple of big games, been completely worthless in the second half. People obviously notice how bad Penny has been, but do they realize that Nomar is hitting .217 since the All Star break, or do they just not care?

The Phillies take on Houston tonight. The Astros have been hot, sweeping the Cardinals to give them a marginal shot at the playoffs. Sadly, they're only there for one game, until they head into Washington.

Meanwhile, the Padres take on the Cardinals, who seem to be having trouble winning the division that has been anonited to them. Let's hope for a quick turnaround.

The best case scenario sees the Dodgers tied with the Phillies and only one back of the Padres after tonight. The worst case sees the Dodgers one back of Philadelphia, two back of the Friars, and in serious trouble. Let's go Astros.