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Coin Flip

Two months ago, the Dodgers had a five percent chance to make the playoffs. One month ago, the Dodgers had a ninety percent chance to reach the post season. After the Phillies finally dropped a game last night, the Dodgers playoff chances have become a coin flip. Six games. If the Dodgers can outplay the Phillies this week, they're playoff bound.  If they can't, I write a post that contains the words "epic collapse". As it was at the beginning of the month, the Padres have become nearly irrelevant. Sadly, this time it's because they're almost untouchable. Sure, it's possible to make up two games in six days, but it would take a lot of help from the Padres, and right now it looks like they won't slip.

Right now, I could throw out a bunch of stats like the Dodgers are a .440 team on the road, while the Phillies and Padres are stronger on the road than at home, or how the Dodgers have dominated the Rockies and Giants this year, but stuff like that doesn't matter anymore. Like I said with ten games to go, anything can happen in six games, and all we can do as fans is hope fate smiles on the Dodgers.