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Open Thread: Game 160 - @ San Francisco Giants

LA Dodgers (85-74) vs. San Francisco (76-82) 7:15pm


LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .301/.371/.447
Kenny Lofton CF .298/.359/.398
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .305/.370/.510
Jeff Kent 2B .288/.379/.475
J.D. Drew RF .281/.393/.491
Russell Martin C .285/.355/.441
Marlon Anderson LF .383/.441/.850
Julio Lugo 3B .226/.291/.271
Hong-Chih Kuo P .143/.143/.286

San Francisco

Randy Winn CF .259/.322/.393
Omar Vizquel SS .297/.362/.390
Shea Hillenbrand 1B .247/.275/.414
Barry Bonds LF .271/.457/.548
Ray Durham 2B .294/.361/.539
Mois?s Alou RF .303/.354/.579
Pedro Feliz 3B .247/.285/.432
Eliezer Alfonzo C .263/.300/.466
Noah Lowry P .156/.208/.222

Pitching Matchup:

Hong-Chih Kuo vs Noah Lowry
1 W 7
5 L 10
4.12 ERA 4.84
54.2 IP 152.1
10.79 K/9 4.73
5.48 BB/9 3.25
0.5 HR/9 1.18

The Phillies have a 14-1 lead over the Marlins, so we'll be playing meaningful baseball at least until tomorrow. Here's how the Dodgers playoff hopes look:

The Dodgers make the playoffs in any of these scenarios:

They win two games
The Phillies lose two games
The Phillies lose once and the Dodgers win once

The Dodgers force a playoff of some sort in these scenarios:

The Dodgers win a game
The Phillies lose a game
The Dodgers get swept and the Phillies win two games.

The Dodgers miss the playoffs if:

They get swept and the Phillies sweep the Marlins.

Sounds pretty good. But, knowing how these things tend to go, I doubt it will be that easy.

Pitching matchups this weekend:
Maddux vs. Cain/Wolf vs. Olsen
Lowe vs. Schmidt/Myers vs. Willis