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We Did It

To be honest, I didn't have faith. Six games ago, when the Dodgers were tied with the Phillies for the wild card lead, I had the eulogy for the season all planned out: the Dodgers ran out of miracles. Between the emergence of Andre Ethier, Russell Martin, Marlon Anderson, and Takashi Saito, the amazing bounce back after the 1-13 streak, and the four home run game, the Dodgers needed a lot of good fortune to get where they were, and it simply ran out.

Screw that, the miracles continue. After the comeback last night, today's win was down right pedestrian. Maddux dismantles the Giants, Broxton and Saito got the job done, and we finally get some closure on this turbulent season.

So, the playoffs loom. Actual analysis can start tomorrow, but for now, I'm just going to enjoy this.