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The Last We'll See Of Mark Hendrickson

Mark Hendrickson likely had one more chance to remain in the Dodgers rotation. After allowing a first inning home run to Corey Hart and letting five runs, four earned, cross the plate in four innings, he punched his ticket out of the rotation. The problem is, who replaces him? If Billingsley wasn't hurt, it would be replaced be easy to replace him with Kuo. Unfortunately, Kuo was already effectively in the rotation, leaving the Dodgers without any real replacements for Hendrickson. Sele? He has a 7.76 ERA after the All Star Break. Stults? He wasn't that great in AAA, and his first outing certainly didn't go well. That leaves Tomko. Tomko probably is the best option since he'll give you a good outing half the time, but is he ready to start? Maybe his injury means he's no longer capable of starting? Also, while his work in the bullpen shouldn't be a factor since a starter is far more valuable than a reliever, Grady might be hesitant to take one of his few semi-reliable arms out of the pen.

On the bright side, at least every facet of the Dodgers was terrible last night, so it's not as though we wasted a good outing. I'd feel much worse if Lowe pitched a gem, or the Dodgers scored eight runs, and we still lost. Today is a new day, and I'm sure the Dodgers can bounce back from a bad loss.