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J.D. Drew Isn't A Platoon Player

From todays L.A. Times:

Little continues to give his most productive -- and highly paid -- hitters frequent days off. The left-handed-hitting J.D. Drew did not play and won't be in the lineup today against the left-handed Capuano, despite hitting two doubles and a single Monday.

Drew is quickly becoming the Dodgers best hitter, mainly due to the struggles of Nomar, yet he's sitting again tonight, a day after possibly the worst game of the season?

I do feel confident about the Dodgers position, but the Padres are only a game back, and we're about to face the only team in the NL that's unquestionably better than us. Shouldn't we be trying our best to win this game?

It's not like Drew is hopeless against lefties, he has a career .809 OPS against them, so he should still be starting. The only two options are Drew is hurt, or Grady is doing his best to make me hate him after five months of stellar work. I don't know which is preferable.