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The True Blue LA Top 30 Prospects

With a bit of delay, I present. The amount of points the player received is in brackets besides their name. A prospect received 30 points for a first place vote, 29 for a second place vote, and so on.

True Blue LA Top 30 Prospects

  1. Andy LaRoche (175)
  2. Scott Elbert (174)
  3. James Loney (168)
  4. Clayton Kershaw (167)
  5. Greg Miller (151)
  6. Tony Abreu (133)
  7. Jonathan Meloan (125)
  8. Blake Dewitt (121)
  9. Preston Mattingly (107)
  10. Bryan Morris (99)
  11. Justin Orenduff (72)
  12. Josh Bell (69)
  13. Steven Johnson (52)
  14. Ivan DeJesus (45)
  15. Chin-Lung Hu (44)
  16. Delwyn Young (40)
  17. Zachary Hammes (39)
  18. Alberto Bastardo (38)
  19. Wesley Wright (34)
  20. Mike Megrew (32)
  21. Cory Dunlap (29)
  22. Bridger Hunt (28)
  23. Josh Wall (27)
  24. (T) Mark Alexander (26)
  25. (T) Jesus Castillo (26)
  26. Xavier Paul (24)
  27. Eric Stults (18)
  28. (T) James McDonald (15)
  29. (T) Javy Guerra (15)
  30. Travis Denker (14)
Also Receiving Votes

Carlos Santana (10)
Ryan Rogowski (9)
Lucas May (9)
Casey Hoorelbeke (6)
Russell Mitchell (6)
Brian Akin (4)
Eric Hull (3)
Marlon Arias (2)
Tony Harper (2)
Ramon Parades (1)

While the list is far from comprehensive, it's comprised of six ballots, it provides a pretty good overview of the strengths of the Dodger farm system.

The top four Dodger prospects are pretty clear, with Elbert, LaRoche, Loney, and Kershaw all appearing in everyone's top four. Following that, the prospects from Miller to Orenduff appeared on five of the six ballots, and received strong support. After that, well, things start to get a little bit hairy. Bell, Johnson, and DeJesus received strong support on the 30 man ballots, but were hurt since they couldn't make it onto the smaller ballots. I'm guessing they would have had a much stronger showing if everyone had filled out a full ballot. After that, things sort of go crazy.

Thanks to the lack of ballots, the remainder of the list gets sort of random. A player could get a huge boost by a strong showing on one ballot. By the time you get to the bottom, players like James McDonald and Travis Denker showed up on only one ballot, yet they still made the list. It's a problem that could really only be solved by more ballots. Because of this, if you didn't vote, but still want to, I'll still take the ballot.

Overall, I think this was a fun exercise, and hopefully I can build some more participation next year. Thanks to all who voted.