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Much has been made of the Olmedo Saenz memorial pavilion in right field. For the low, low price of 40 dollars, you can shove Dodger Dogs down your throat until you get violently ill all over the person in front of you. I immediately thought this was the worst idea since Disco Demolition night, but then I remembered that beer sales were already banned in the right field pavilion thanks to previous generations of drunken hooligans. Fortunately, any system that grants you infinite amounts of anything is ripe for exploitation.  Since Dodger Stadium lets you bring in bags, why not just stock up on 100 cartons of Cracker Jack? Running low on stale chips? Why not pick up a few dozen trays of nachos? Heck, even reheated Dodger Dogs can't be that bad, even if you have to supply your own buns.

The main thing I'm curious about is how many times Brad Hawpe needs to get clocked in the head with a free Cool-A-Coo before Frank McCourt puts a stop to this?  If someone is willing to try to douse Calvin Murray with a five-dollar coke, how many pre game beers do you need before Carlos Quentin is wearing some coagulated cheese food product? The first law of crowds is that if you give them enough foreign objects, they will end up as projectiles. I'm thinking that the Olmedo Sanez pavilion won't last past the end of May.