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Round 2: Fight!

By request, the Dodgers ZIPS projections versus the Diamondbacks ZIPS projections.

Russell Martin .279/.359/.432 C Miguel Montero .264/.328/.430
Nomar Garciaparra .288/.354/.469 1B Conor Jackson .285/.372/.429
Jeff Kent .272/.352/.473 2B Orlando Hudson .280/.347/.440
Wilson Betemit .262/.328/.451 3B Chad Tracy .286/.349/.465
Rafael Furcal .286/.358/.431 SS Steven Drew .278/.335/.467
Luis Gonzalez .248/.342/.412 LF Eric Byrnes .265/.323/.462
Juan Pierre .299/.342/.385 CF Chris Young .255/.336/.526
Andre Ethier .296/.366/.463 RF Carlos Quentin .262/.361/.472
.279/.350/.439 AVG .272/.343/.461
Derek Lowe 3.84 SP Brandon Webb 3.85
Jason Schmidt 3.94 SP Doug Davis 4.54
Brad Penny 3.95 SP Dana Eveland 4.56
Chad Billingsley 4.38 SP Edgar Gonzalez 4.96
Randy Wolf (No Projection) SP Livan Hernandez 5.14

I think the overly pessimistic projection on Webb is balanced out by the breakouts by the pretty extreme bounce back from Doug Davis, and the breakouts Dana Eveland, as well as most of the starting lineup.

The Diamondbacks are scary since they have more upside than any other team in the division, but too much has to go right for them to truly contend.