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Tough Call

Reasons to root for the Diamondbacks:

  1. They are making a mockery of Mr Pythagoras
  2. They went with the kids and dumped Gonzo on the Dodgers
  3. They have a 20 year old playing RF
  4. They have Chris Young in CF
  5. They have Eric Byrnes in RF who while derided by some, is one of my favorite players to watch play baseball. 4th outfielder my ass.
  6. Gibby is the bench coach
  7. Conor Jackson went to my local high school(El Camino Real)
Reasons to root for the Rockies:
  1. They have never been to the world series
  2. Todd Helton doesn't deserve to be Ernie Bank'd
  3. The  Mike Coolbaugh playoff share story
  4. They let the kids pitch them into the post season.
  5. Snow in November
  6. ROY at SS
  7. They knocked out the Padres
Tough call.