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Dodgers Top Moment in 2007

After 142 votes the winner is...
  Favorite Dodger Moment in 2007
¤ Kuo's home run and bat flip 28%  
¤ Martin walk off grand slam.  11%  
¤ Brad Penny's 14 k's against the Marlins 2%  
¤ Well's Drags the Dodgers to a win 2%  
¤ Braves trading for Texeira leaving Loney in LA 16%  
¤ Kemp's Dodger Thoughts Game bomb 0%  
¤ Tomato's walk-off 2%  
¤ Loney's Historic September 11%  
¤ Kent getting hit in the head 15%  
¤ Anytime Sammy smiles 9%  

I went with the Kuo and so did the majority. Of all the Dodgers I hope we get to see him pitching healthy in 2008. Thanks for voting.

Update: Per Berkowitz "Kuo got the plurality of the vote".