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Nedman was feeling beat down. He wearily pulled himself out of bed and staggered into the bathroom. Until he remembered to put his hair on, the face staring back at him was unfamiliar. That barely helped, as the bags under his eyes were sagging more then usual, and the lines were getting deeper and deeper. This town was aging him faster then a Roots makeover.

The honeymoon with the McCourt's was over, and now the nagging questions were driving him batty. His superhero veneer was being pierced from all sides and he wasn't fast enough to plug the holes. If this kept up the veneer would collapse and expose him as the vulnerable PR man he really was. He knew deep inside he was a man in over his head but he had hoped that as long as he leaned on Logan and Kim he could keep the façade up.

He dropped down on the crapper and with much trepidation opened the paper to the sports page to see what bad news awaited him today, and quickly thanked God for Kobe Bryant. Josh had been right, he had told him to have patience, that once basketball started the ADD hacks of the LA Times would quickly shift their attention to the biggest baby in Los Angeles.

It was hard for him to fathom how much the McCourt's cared about what the local sportswriters were saying about their team. Didn't they understand their goal was to sell newspapers and create controversy? How did a great sports town like Los Angeles end up with such shallow sportswriters? How did he end up working for such shallow owners?  With Kobe getting all the heat maybe the McCourt's would lighten up since they wouldn't be able to ask any questions that weren't formed from their morning reading. Thank God they never paid attention to the Internet. The local blogs were worse then the papers because they did their due diligence and he didn't need the McCourt's getting more ammunition then he could handle.

He continued the tradition that everyone in the Dodger office's had been doing since August and wiped his ass with the LA Times sports section. At long last the sports section served a purpose.