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Adrian Beltre is currently 30th on the list of most home runs by a 3rd baseman in baseball history. He is the youngest active home run hitter for a 3rd baseman with 217. By the time he's 30 he should have hit 267 home runs which will place him among the top 20 home run hitting 3rd baseman of all time. By the time he's 33 he should be at 342 which would bring him among the top 10 home run hitting 3rd baseman of all time passing players like (George Brett, Ron Cey, Vinny Castilla, Robin Ventura, Ken Boyer).

The best active 3rd baseman a head of him are Glaus, Rolen, Chavez, and A Ramirez. Glaus may only have one more season at 3rd base so I think Beltre will eventually pass him.  Rolen may or may not bounce back from his shoulder problems and add to his totals but I'd be betting on a 28 year old Beltre at 217 to pass an injury prone 34 year old at 261. Chavez has more power then Beltre but his back is troublesome and if the last two years are any indication his game is disappearing along with the pennant chances of his A's. A Ramirez and Beltre are just about dead even with ARam having 222 at age 29.  Does anyone think ARam will be able to stay at 3rd by the age of 33?

This isn't an exercise in EQA or Vorp, just a basic home run counting list. If it wasn't for Arod flying by him he might end his career with the 5th most home runs by a 3rd baseman in history. If he'd only maintained the discipline he showed at the age of 20 and 21 he could have been so much more. How do you go from having a 70 point differential between BA & OBP at the age 20/21 only to see it fall to around 45 points from then on out?