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Dodger Fall League Info

LaRoche and D Young lead Team USA to Victory.

Arizona Fall League
Notable Dodgers on Peoria Saguaros:
Chin-Lung Hu-Suns/Vegas/Dodgers
Blake Dewitt-InlandEmpire/Suns
Xavier Paul-Suns

Justin Orenduff-Suns
Greg Miller-Vegas/Suns
Cory Wade-Inland Empire/Suns
Wesley Wright-Suns/Vegas
Zach Hammes-Suns

Hawaii Winter League
Notable Dodgers on the CaneFires:
Josh Bell-Great Lake Loons/Inland Empire
Russel Mitchell-Inland Empire
Jamie Hoffman-Inland Empire
Ryan Rogowski-Inland Empire
Kenley Jansen-Ogden/Great Lake Loons

Steve Johnson-Great Lake Loons
Garret White-Great Lake Loons/Inland Empire
Kyle Wilson-Inland Empire

Ivan Dejesus was supposed to be on the AFL team but I guess the injury that ended his season did not allow him to make the trip. Instead Chin-Lung Hu will be making his 2nd trip to the AFL. It was last fall where he wowed the scouts with his defense. Hu is easily the top prospect here, as he has already been seen at Dodger Stadium.

If I was to rank this list based on prospect status:
Chin Lung Hu
Josh Bell
Xavier Paul
Blake DeWitt
Justin Orenduff
Greg Miller
Cory Wade
Wesley Wright
Zach Hammes
Steve Johnson
Russel Mitchell
Ryan Rogowski
Jamie Hoffman
Garret White
Kyle Wilson
Kenley Jansen