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Head West Young Man

Okay, I just threw this together for some fun.

Top 10 reasons why Arod coming to LA is A-Okay with me.

  1. The Dodgers in 2007 lacked power. Arod provides the greatest infield power from 2nd - 3rd base in baseball.
  2. The Dodgers lacked a clear cut clean up hitter. Arod is a perfect clean up hitter.
  3. The Dodgers "considered" 3rd base to be their weakest link. You don't do much better then getting the best player to fill your weakest link.
  4. With Arod, the Dodgers will sell 4 million tickets and while he may or may not bring a championship, his addition should enable them to compete for a playoff spot during the 1st 5 years of his contract.
  5. Arod does work hard and plays hard. Nothing wrong with letting the kids see how one of the best players in the game goes about his business.
  6. By 2009 the Dodgers can easily afford Arod without breaking the bank. They are one of the few teams that has the perfect storm of affordability. With Lowe, Kent, Nomar, and Furcal all coming off the books and being replaced by quality prospects they can do this. Lowe - Kershaw, Furcal - HU, Nomar - bench player, Kent - Abreu.
  7. A 2009 team of
1st - Loney
2nd - Abreu
3rd - Arod
C - Martin
RF - Kemp
CF - Pierre
LF - Ethier
Penny, Billingsley, Schmidt, Kershaw, McDonald or Elbert
Saito, Broxton, Meloan, Adkins

Plus whatever you'd get from trading LaRoche, Dewitt, Josh Bell.

Gold Glove Defense up the middle in Abreu/Hu, plenty of power in Arod/Kemp/Loney/Martin/Ethier, a big 3 in 2009 of Penny,Billingsley,Kershaw that should be able to do some damage in the playoffs. Martin and Arod are already the two best players at their position. Kemp could make it three.  Even with Pierre in CF this team should do some serious damage. If they find a way to move Pierre by 2009 and just  get an average replacement, then it is yea baby.

  1. Later in his career he should be able to move to the outfield and continue to provide above average offense. Can he do a Yount like move to CF? I don't see why not.
  2. By buying Arod you don't have to trade prospects for perceived help. You get the best of both worlds, the best prospects stay and you just bought the best player available.
  3. Arod has been one of my favorite players since he hit the league. It even forced me to root for the Yankee's once in a while. The last time the Dodgers acquired my favorite player was when the Toy Cannon came our way in 74.
  4. Extra Bonus - If Arod wants to play SS then I think it even gets better. I'd rather see a future lineup of Loney/Hu or Abreu/Arod/La Roche then Loney/Abreu/Hu/Arod. Defense will suffer and this is just a subjective opinion but man what an offense. Arod's arm is still strong, and his are hands are still solid. His only problem would be how much range has he lost. If Jeter can play SS with his range I don't see why Arod couldn't. Does he want to?
Reasons why Arod should pick the Dodgers:
  1. His wife will love Los Angeles
  2. The media will grovel at his feet, except for TJ who will try to belittle him
  3. Hollywood beckons
  4. We have a great young nucleus that he can take credit for when it all comes together
  5. He could play SS again, if he so chooses
  6. He could take credit for bringing life back into the NL
  7. He would feast on the NL pitching
  8. He'd get to hit in Coors
  9. Once Kobe is traded he would own this town like no baseball player since Piazza
  10. What better place then Los Angeles to break Barry Bonds home run mark