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World Series Contest

I was waiting to see if the Griddle was going to do a contest, but since they aren't, we at True Blue will be running a playoff contest. Simply pick your winner in each series like so, and your choice of the NL MVP and NL Rookie of the Year for the tie breaker.

NYY over Clev / 5 Games
LAA over Bost/ 5 Games
LAA over NYY/7 Games

Arizona over Cubs/5 Games
Phillies over Rockies/4 Games
Phillies over Arizona/6 Games

LAA over Phillies / 6 Games

TieBreaker - Jimmy Rollins & Tulo

Each correct series win is worth 5 points, Each correct choice of the number of games is worth 1 point.

The winner will have a choice between a Matt Kemp or Russ Martin or James Loney Dodger Shirt delivered free of charge to anywhere in North America.

Put your choices in the comments or email molokai at yahoo dot com and put TrueBlueContest in the subject matter.

You have until the bottom of the 3rd Inning of the 1st game which should be around 01:00 PCT

Update - Contest is closed at 1:14 PM PCT Looks like we over 35 entries. Hopefully I'll have the matrix posted sometime tonight. Joseph you need to send me a NL MVP not a AL MVP, and Squats 19, you need to send me both tie breakers.