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Hey Joe

Anyone who plays Juan Pierre 162 games and bats him 1st or 2nd all year while taking at bats away from 3 much better players does not get a pass from me. That said if Grady's fired and we hire Joe Torre it will be more of the same. More East Coast names, more veteran BS, more mismanagement of the bullpen, more Tony Womack or Luis Soto playing more then they should.  The Dodgers are celebrating 50 years in Los Angeles, but evidently in those 50 years no one is qualified to be a baby sitter, and we must go to the wrong coast again, for someone else's incompetent foil.

What does Joe Giradi know about baseball that Steve Yeagar doesn't?

[Update] I guess it is official, Joe Torre is the new Dodger manager and he's bring Donny Baseball with him. Baseball Prospectus also says this is just part of a "Giant Shakeup". It has only been two years since the last McCourt overreaction so we should have expected this. If Ned is gone after this shakeup, good but don't count on it, with our luck it will be Kim and White who are gone.

Further bad news, according to Canuck over at DT Jim Barr who was our East Coast Cross checker has been hired as a AGM by the Giants. Barr has been credited with helping White build up our minor leagues.