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King of Pain

I have stood here before inside the pouring rain
With the world turning circles running 'round my brain
I guess I'm always hoping that you'll end this reign
But it's my destiny to be the king of pain

BHSportsguy over at Dodger Thoughts pointed out  this article and the subsequent quote within the story  set off a flag within me.

Third base coach Rich Donnelly thought Little resigned as a result of what he endured over a trying season.
"He was beaten down," Donnelly said. "He said, 'I don't know if this is worth it because I'm miserable.' "
Donnelly said it pained Little to be forced to move down veteran players in the batting order or sit them.
I don't think he wanted to," Donnelly said. "He was forced to because the guys weren't doing their jobs."
Donnelly said that the Dodgers' offensive shortcomings were such that at one point, he scribbled pitcher Brad Penny's name in the eighth slot in the lineup in an August game in Cincinnati. Little later decided against the idea.

If this is true and given how Grady handled the non-performing vets(NPV) I think it is. Why Grady would be pained to sit a NPV instead of a rookie, or not use a NPV from the bullpen instead of a rookie is not something I can fathom. Is Grady's inability to handle the pain the reason that Robert Hernandez was used, the reason Juan Pierre never sat, the reason Juan Pierre and Furcal continued to suck up terrible at bats from the 1 & 2 positions, the reason that Nomar stayed at 1st and then 3rd for so long, the reason why Hendrickson and Tomko stayed in the rotation long after they proved to be useless, the reason why Shea Hillenbrand even saw the light of day in our lineup, why Gonzo got a few to many at bats after his bat slowed once the All-Star game had passed?

Andrew seemed to think that Grady didn't need to be fired. I disagree but........

Joe Torre and Don Mattingly? I fail to see why a team that is celebrating it's 50th anniversary in Los Angeles needs to try to build a future foundation with some other teams past glories. We are not the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, this world is rich with players with historical ties to the Los Angeles Dodgers. I expect many of you to disagree and say that we should just hire the best person. Maybe your right but after watching Davy Johnson, Jim Tracy, and Grady Little pass through here without any distinction, have we really been hiring the best person? We are the Dodgers, the Dodgers and we have to snag someone else's retread? But of course your right, we should just hire the best person. I'm just ticked off that Ned is still our GM and Juan Pierre is going to be an expensive Dodger for four more years. And now if we win they will give Joe Torre Ex-Yankee the credit. I curse you Malone for running off Mike Scoscia, CURSE YOU

Jon at Dodger Thoughts is hoping for a Reason to Believe but with Ned being our King of Pain, my faith is dwindling.

I used to wonder why Dodger Blues was so cynical. I wonder no more. I may have shot my wad here, Andrew needs to do some writing because other then writing about the kids I don't have anything to add here without sounding like a cynical SOB.