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Poll Closed on Contract

Jason Schmidt (15.5M)     19 votes - 19 %    
Rafy Furcal(13M)     2 votes - 2 %    
Juan Pierre(8M)     32 votes - 32 %    
Jeff Kent(9M)     7 votes - 7 %    
Nomar Garciaparra(8.5M)     13 votes - 13 %    
All of the above     26 votes - 26 %    

99 Total Votes       

The voting is closed on the contract poll.
Juan Pierre wins for not only being a bad player but for having the longest contract. Since Nomar and Kent both come off the books in 2008 I was a little surprised to see they got votes. I was even more surprised to see Furcal get some votes. He should bounce back and be the only one of those players to actually earn his contract.