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Is Jeff Kent going to come back?

It is now Nov 13th and Free Agency has started, you would think Ned would want an answer ASAP.
Why would he retire:

  1. He is still young enough that he could now enjoy bull riding, motorcycle racing, stringing barb wire and all those things that cowboys love to do but have been prohibited by their contract.
  2. He doesn't enjoy playing the game of baseball
  3. He doesn't like the Dodger youth movement
  4. He doesn't like failure and he will have more failure going forward then he's accustomed to
  5. Hates travel
  6. Has run out of motorcycle magazines to read in the clubhouse
  7. Doesn't like the Dodger youth movement
  8. Someone keeps moving the trash can in the clubhouse
  9. With respect to Jay Jaffe he already has HOF numbers given his position, since the people who vote aren't going to be detracting his defensive numbers like Jay does.
  10. He would have to return the ear of Jamie McCourt which he has grown fond of. (Thanks to El Lay Dave and Greg Brock for number 10)
Why he wouldn't retire:
  1. At least 9 million reasons
  2. Wants to play for Joe Torre
  3. Wants to see if he can break the record for watching ground balls go between him and the 1st baseman or between him and 2nd base in a season.
  4. Wants to teach the kids how to run the bases
  5. Misses TJ Simers
  6. Still dreams of a World Championship