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Dodgers failing in International Market?

DodgerCanuck did a report on the Dodgers and their International effort over the past few years which Jon Weisman posted on Dodger Thoughts. While I agree with what he said I wanted to see just how much of an impact international players are making and where they are coming from. I took the John Sickels top 100 prospects over at Rotowire and put together the list of International players that made the list. As you can see Venezuela is making a serious impact on the market. It used to be the Dominican Republic but right now Venezuela is giving them a run for their money.

International Players in John Sickels top 100
Player Country CurrentTeam Original Signing Team
Wladimir Balentien Curacao Seattle Seattle
Franklin Morales Venezuela Colorado Colorado
Carlos Trunifel DR Seattle Seattle
Chin-Ling Hu Taiwan Los Angeles Los Angeles
Elvis Andrus Venezuela Texas Atlanta
Fernando Martinez DR Mets Mets
Carlos Carrasco Venezuela Phillies Phillies
Delois Geurra Venezuela Mets Mets
Jose Tabata Venezuela Yankees Yankees
Carlos Gonzalez Venezuela Arizona Arizona
Angel Villalona DR Giants Giants
Faustino de los Santos DR WhiteSox WhiteSox
Asdrubal Cabrera Venezuela Indians Seattle
Carlos Gomez DR Mets Mets
Hector Gomez DR Colorado Colorado
German Duran Mexico Texas Texas

Out of 30 teams, only 9 teams are represented in the top 100. I'd love to see a breakdown of large international bonuses and how many are working out compared to the draft. Most of the large bonuses seem to be going toward 16 year old players. Do you really think that is prudent? I keep hearing about these guys when they are 16 and how they are going to be the next Cesar Cedeno or ARod and then by the time they have reached 19 or 20, they have grown off of SS or CF and have become corner infielders or outfielders where their value clearly drops. It will be curious to see where Triunfel actually ends up. He's rated a head of Hu, but at his age it is doubtful he ever plays a major league game at SS while we know that Chin-Lung Hu is going to be a top defensive major league SS. Just saying that if you think the WS is a crapshoot, what do you think the international amateur game is? I guess if you throw enough money at the wall some of it will stick. I wonder what Billy Beane thinks of the international market? Given his limited budget he doesn't seem to waste any money on it. I guess the better question would be, that if Billy Bean had a larger budget, how much of it would he put toward international signings?

I guess one Miggy Cabrera makes it all worthwhile.