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I guess most Dodgers fan might be happy with the news about Barry Bonds and while I'm not a fan I'm a little disgusted that our federal goverment feels the need to waste money in a pointless pursuit of cheating athletes. I guess when you can't solve the big problems of your country you concentrate on the unimportant ones.
A poster over at Dodger Thoughts summed up my thoughts on the issue:

514.   dzzrtRatt
506 Bonds was shoved by the awesome power of our mighty federal government into a classic perjury trap. The government knew, he was likely to lie because of the career and PR damage a truthful answer would have caused. Part of the calculation is that Grand Jury testimony is supposed to be secret, but the government can leak it whenever they want and then say, "Who, us? Leak?" Bonds knew whatever he said would be in the newspapers within days if not hours. What happened to Jason Giambi proves that. Also, perjury is very selectively enforced or even investigated. If a government witness tells a lie that helps the government's case, you will never see a perjury prosecution even considered.

If one side has all the power and doesn't have to play by its own rules, then no matter what kind of scumbag is on the other side, it's understandable why one might feel disgusted about the result.