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Dodger 40 Man Roster, Updated

The Dodgers made the following moves regarding the 40 man roster today. No surprise except a prospect by the name of Mario Alvarez was added and MeGrew was taken off. Alvarez didn't exactly light up the Inland Empire team and he's 23, while MeGrew is two years removed from surgery and was in AA. We still have two open spots and Greg Miller survived. Mario Alvarez spent the summer pitching only an hour from Dodger Stadium but he was not on my radar at all. Andrew and others here are a little more in tune with the 40 man roster and who was needed to be added so hopefully he or the rest of you will chime in with your thoughts on who you think is available in the rule 5 draft from our system.

From the same link above check out the Dodger plans for their float in the Rose parade. Maybe if they acquire MCAB before the parade they will have time to shore it up to support him as it would be a great time to display him before the fans.