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Free Agents

Jon Weisman has nice story on Sports Illustrated that I tend to agree with. While Joe Torre is the big story for the media hordes, he is just a side story until the season starts and we see what Ned did during his Winter shopping.

As Ned arrived in Florida for the GM meeting, I've put together a list of the free agents I think Ned might have some interest in. My level of interest is the last column. I'm all for keeping the current team intact, and doing very little tweaking but with Torre in tow with a 3 year deal I expect Ned to be very busy in both the free agent arena and in trade talks. So I'm going to list a few of what would be my preferred options.

Top Priority - find a home for Juan Pierre. Moving him to LF is not a good option, making him your 4th outfielder is a decent option.
Option 1 - Sign Arod, trade LaRoche for some Minnesota pitching and sit back
Option 2 - Sign Arod, trade Furcal for some Cub pitching and sit back
Option 3 - Sign Bonds to play LF, make Juan Pierre his caddy, put Kemp in CF
Sign Wolf, Leiber, or Kenny Rogers for pitching depth for one year
Option 4 - Sign Andruw Jones, make Juan Pierre your 4th outfielder
Sign Wolf, Leiber, or Kenny Rogers for pitching depth for one year
Little things:
Sign Mike Lamb to replace Mark Sweeney. He also would provide some insurance if LaRoche's back flares up or Nomar's health history kicks in.
If the Cubs do not pick up Mark Priors contract I would take a chance on him. This is a case where we might be able to use Joe Torre's reputation and get some players to try Los Angeles who may not have looked our way before.

Any number of relief pitchers can replace Seanez including Seanez himself. I've always liked Riske but with Meloan and Hull I'm not sure that we even need to sign a relief pitcher to replace him. With Saito, Broxton, Proctor, Beimel, Meloan, Hull, DJ Houlton, and Stults on the major league roster and Cory Wade, waiting to help out, we seem to have enough bullpen, without signing anyone. Plus we have Tsao and Hendrickson waiting an arbitration decision, with Brazoban and Kuo coming off the DL.

Realistically I expect none of my options to happen as Ned is stuck with Juan Pierre. At best we sign a CF, move JP to LF and trade Kemp or Etheir for some pitching.

Free Agents
Player Pos Age Dodger Position Replace Interest New Team Years Dollars
Alex Rodriguez 3B 32 STUD 3B Nomar 10
Barry Bonds LF 43 Starting LF Gonzo 10
Andruw Jones CF 30 Starting CF Pierre 8
Francisco Cordero RP 32 Bullpen Seanez 8
Mike Cameron CF 34 Starting CF Pierre 8
Curt Schilling SP 40 Rotation Wolf 7 RedSox 1 8M- 2MIncentives
Mike Lamb 3B 32 backup 3b/1st Sweeney 6
Torii Hunter CF 32 Starting CF Pierre 6
Jon Lieber SP 37 Rotation Wolf 6
Kenny Rogers SP 42 Rotation Wolf 6
Mark Sweeney 1B 38 backup 1st Sweeney 5
Damian Miller C 38 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 5
Jason LaRue C 33 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 5
Mike Lieberthal C 35 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 5
Rod Barajas C 32 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 5
Aaron Rowand CF 30 Starting CF Pierre 5
Jeff DaVanon CF 33 Backup OF Gonzo 5
David Riske RP 31 Bullpen Seanez 5
J.C. Romero RP 31 Bullpen Seanez 5
Kerry Wood RP 30 Bullpen Seanez 5
Luis Vizcaino RP 33 Bullpen Seanez 5
Rudy Seanez RP 39 Bullpen Seanez 5
Scott Linebrink RP 31 Bullpen Seanez 5
Troy Percival RP 38 Bullpen Seanez 5
Freddy Garcia SP 31 Rotation Wolf 5
Kyle Lohse SP 29 Rotation Wolf 5
Tom Glavine SP 41 Rotation Wolf 5
Marlon Anderson LF 33 Backup OF Gonzo/Sweeney 3
Bobby Kielty RF 31 Backup OF Gonzo 3
Jeremy Affeldt RP 28 Bullpen Seanez 3
Bartolo Colon SP 34 Rotation Wolf 3
Tony Graffanino 2B 35 Backup MI Lucille II 2
Geoff Jenkins LF 33 Backup OF Gonzo 2
Trot Nixon RF 33 Backup OF Gonzo 2
Mike Myers RP 38 Bullpen Seanez 2
Shawn Chacon RP 29 Bullpen Seanez 2
Trever Miller RP 34 Bullpen Seanez 2
David Wells SP 44 Rotation Wolf 2
Eric Milton SP 32 Rotation Wolf 2
Jason Jennings SP 29 Rotation Wolf 2
Joe Kennedy SP 28 Bullpen Seanez 2
Kip Wells SP 30 Rotation Wolf 2
Livan Hernandez SP 32 Rotation Wolf 2
Geoff Blum 2B 34 Backup MI Lucille II 1
Luis Castillo 2B 32 Starting 2b Kent 1
Mark Loretta SS 36 Backup MI Lucille II 1
Miguel Cairo 1B 33 Backup MI Lucille II 1
Jeff Cirillo 3B 38 Backup 3b/RHPH Saenz 1
Pedro Feliz 3B 32 Starting 3b Nomar 1
Jose Molina C 32 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 1
Josh Paul C 32 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 1
Mike DiFelice C 38 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 1
Sal Fasano C 36 Backup Catcher Lieberthal 1
Corey Patterson CF 28 Starting CF Pierre 1
Shannon Stewart LF 33 Backup OF Gonzo 1
Reggie Sanders RF 39 Backup OF Gonzo 1
Cliff Floyd RF 34 Backup OF Gonzo 1
Armando Benitez RP 34 Bullpen Seanez 1
Arthur Rhodes RP 38 Bullpen Seanez 1
Ray King RP 33 Bullpen Seanez 1
Ron Mahay RP 36 Bullpen Seanez 1
Ron Villone RP 37 Bullpen Seanez 1
Matt Clement SP 33 Rotation Wolf 1
Steve Trachsel SP 37 Rotation Wolf 1
Tony Armas SP 29 Rotation Wolf 1