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Mike Nixon Makes it to Los Angeles

The Dodgers drafted Mike Nixon in the infamous 2002 draft in the 3rd round. He was going to be the future Dodger catcher, but a funny thing happened. That obscure guy they picked in the 17th round turned out to be an all-star and gold glove catcher and Mike Nixon must have seen the writing on the wall. He made it all the way to AAA at the age of 21 but retired at the end of 2005.

The cool part of the story is that he had been an outstanding football player in HS and had forsaken many college offers to sign with the Dodgers. So he decided to go back and play football, and this Sunday the ASU Mike Nixon will lead the Sundevils into the Rose Bowl in an attempt to make sure they come back again later this year.

I'm sure it was not how he invisioned playing in Los Angeles when he was drafted 5 years ago, but after he knocks the 1st UCLA player for a loop, it should be just as satisfying.