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Community Top 30 Prospects - 2008

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Now that Baseball America has released their top 10 prospects list for the Dodgers, I feel like it's time to do a community top 30 prospects list yet again. Like last year, list anywhere from your top 10 to top 30 prospects in the comments. After a couple weeks, I'll total them all up (a first place vote gets 30 points, second place gets 29, etc.) and come up with the community prospect list.

You can see last years results in the left sidebar, but they were the result of only six or seven people voting. I'm shooting for 10 this year, I think we can do it.

This is my list. Note that this is pretty much a rough draft and will evolve over the next couple weeks as others point out people that I just plum forgot, or I learn the guy with great numbers only throws 80 miles an hour. While I'm certainly far more receptive to scouting reports than I used to be, I do believe that you actually have to accomplish something to become a highly rated prospect, so my rankings take that into account. Some notes on specific players are below.

  1. Andy LaRoche
  2. Clayton Kershaw
  3. James McDonald
  4. Jonathan Meloan
  5. Scott Elbert
  6. Chin-Lung Hu
  7. Andrew Lambo
  8. Ivan DeJesus
  9. Josh Bell
  10. Blake Dewitt
  11. Chris Withrow
  12. Pedro Baez
  13. Austin Gallagher
  14. Bryan Morris
  15. Delwyn Young
  16. Xavier Paul
  17. Steven Johnson
  18. Ramon Troncoso
  19. Justin Orenduff
  20. Wesley Wright
  21. James Adkins
  22. Garrett White
  23. Kyle Smit
  24. Luis Ferraras
  25. Greg Miller
  26. Lucas May
  27. Cory Wade
  28. Bridger Hunt
  29. Michael Watt
  30. Preston Mattingly
Clayton Kershaw - Ranked below LaRoche because LaRoche still has his holy grail type numbers and I have a really hard time trusting pitchers who haven't got it done in AA yet. The mere fact he's in AA at age 19 is huge but he struggled with both control and allowing the jack. A big first half will vault him into the stratosphere, and suddenly make all of his upside into something more tangible, but until then I don't think he's quite as close to big league ready as we'd like to believe.

Chin-Lung Hu - He made a believer out of me this year after I called his first half a huge fluke. However, he walked only 32 times in 546 at bats, and only six times in 192 AAA at bats. Until he solves that problem, he's a huge risk to put up a .300 on base percentage, and that's simply unacceptable for any starting player.

Andrew Lambo - His .342 average this year was probably a bit fluky. He had a .407 BABIP with only a 12.7 line drive percentage. Still, he showed good control of the strike zone with 25 walks against 38 strikeouts, along with decent power. I wouldn't expect him to hit like this when he goes to low A next year, but he's probably the best pure bat aside from LaRoche that we have in the farm system.

Chris Withrow - Logan White picked him first, he must be good. That's about all I have on him since he only pitched nine innings this year. To his credit he fanned 13 in those frames. Going to need to actually do something for him to move up on my list.

Pedro Baez - I know nothing about him, but scouts seem to love him. Hopefully he'll actually start hitting and make a believer out of me

Delwyn Young - Not nearly as impressed by his 2007 campaign as most people. His strikeout rate isn't terrible, but when you couple that with only 38 walks in 490 at bats you have a guy that will likely be abused by big league pitching. Plus, he's 25 in a massive hitters park. Huge seasons like that should be expected if you're going to make any kind of impact in the bigs. Still, he's almost guaranteed to be in the bigs for the next few years, though not necessarily on the Dodgers, so he gets a decent ranking.

Luis Ferraras - Blew away the rookie league at age 17, striking out 27 in 27.1 innings while allowing only three earned runs.

Bridger Hunt - My pet prospect. Probably doesn't deserve to be on this list, but someone has to stay on the Bridger Hunt hype train. Still shows good control of the strike zone and can become dangerous if he develops some power.