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This Brings Me Strange Amounts Of Happiness

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This is the Padres' starting lineup as of right now after Milton Bradley is signed with the Rangers:

RF Brian Giles
CF Scott Hairston
1B Adrian Gonzalez
LF Kevin Kouzmanoff
C  Michael Barrett
SS Khalil Greene
3B Chase Headley
2B Matt Antonelli

Even better than how terrible this looks offensively is that what's kept the Padres afloat the last few years is their defense, letting them get good performances out of guys like Justin Germano. If Headley can barely handle second, the only plus defenders they have are Greene, Gonzalez and Giles. They're in a position where they have to sign Kosuke Fukudome or Aaron Rowand now, and that makes me very happy. Being forced into a deal is where truly bad contracts are born.

Of course, looking absolutely horrendous on paper never seems to stop the Padres.

Edit>>Chase Headley and Matt Antonelli are not the same person.


As further proof you should never, ever listen to anything I say, the three guys that I said would be fools to not accept arbitration all declined arbitration.

Since my opinion obviously doesn't matter, why don't you get yours out there by voting on the Dodgers top 30 prospects.