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A Few Links

Russell Martin is the third best catcher under 25 in baseball, at least according to PECOTA. In the first part of Nate Silver's series on Baseball Prospectus, Martin trails PECOTA proclaimed future Hall of Famers Joe Mauer and Brian McCann, in terms of upside. After a large gap between Martin and the rest of the list, there are other interesting players such as Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta, who finished fifth, Diamondback Miguel Montero in 9th and guy we gave up for Mark Hendrickson Dioner Navarro in sixth. It should be noted that this is because PECOTA is expecting a sudden surge in production from Navarro this year.

Rox Girl from Purple Row did a series on players that NL players fans secretly wish they didn't have. I must say that it's not much of a secret that I don't want Luis Gonzalez.

Lots of authors around SBN have been playing with Baseball Musings win-loss tool, which displays a teams record when a player is in the lineup. While it's not that surprising to see the list topped by closers like Jeff Shaw, Eric Gagne and Todd Worrell, it is kind of shocking to see Mike Fetters near the top of the list. Other interesting names near the top are James Loney, Julio Lugo, and Nori Nakamura. At the bottom, Scott Erickson checks in with a 3-16 record and Darren Holmes holds the title of "losingist Dodger" with an 0-14 record.