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Losing Some Fan Cred

I know this hurts my baseball fan credibility, but I really don't care about Spring Training. Since I try to avoid even looking at stats until the beginning of June due to sample size issues, I don't give two shakes about how our guys do in 60 at bats against questionable competition. With out the "this game actually matters" feature that regular season games have, I'm left with two very sorry things to root for: that no one good gets hurt, and that no known terrible players have amazing Springs, A.K.A. the Tomko conundrum. Did you know that the Dodgers are 13-7 this Spring? I didn't, nor do I care.

Because of this, I turn to more hypothetical situations, this time using the Hardball Times projection system. While I originally took issue with the fact that it projects only two teams to win 90 plus games, it was pointed out to me that there are very few extremely good and extremely bad teams, and it's luck/injuries that create the far ends of the victory spectrum. I'm not all that confident in some of their projections (the Giants winning 83 games sticks out) but it is interesting to compare these results to what PECOTA spat out. For what its worth THT has the Dodgers finishing 82-80, two games ahead of the 80-82 projection PECOTA gave.

In just two weeks I can talk about something other than roster shenanigans and computer simulations. I can't wait.