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You Be The G.M.

If you could take any 25 players currently in the Dodger organization to make your active roster, who would you use? There doesn't have to be any grounding in reality at all, if you want to cut Juan Pierre, go ahead. Just pick the players that you think will make the Dodgers the best team possible on opening day.

Here's what I would go with:

SS Rafael Furcal
RF James Loney
1B Nomar Garicaparra
2B Jeff Kent
3B Andy La Roche
CF Matt Kemp
LF Andre Ethier
C  Russel Martin

SP Jason Schmidt
SP Derek Lowe
SP Brad Penny
SP Chad Billingsley
SP Hong-Chih Kuo

BN Olmedo Saenz
BN Mike Lieberthal
BN Wilson Betemit
BN Juan Pierre
BN Luis Gonzalez

RP Takashi Saito
RP Jonathan Broxton
RP Jonathan Meloan
RP Chin-Hui Tsao
RP Greg Miller
RP Randy Wolf
RP Brett Tomko

If Pierre were limited to a specialist role and paid like one, he'd be a nice player. If you need a guy to put the ball in play or steal a base, he's the perfect guy to bring off the bench.

While Tomko and Wolf probably aren't the ideal relief pitchers, I want to keep them around for starting pitching depth since they can't go to the minors. The bullpen does only have one lefty in Miller, but I figure it's better to bring in a good righty to face a lefty than Mark Hendrickson.

That's my opinion, how about yours.