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Another Team Deals With Injuries

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Diamondbacks' stud right fielder Carlos Quentin has been diagnosed with a labrum tear. While the injury is described as minor, this is the same thing that turned L.A. Dodger home run leader Shawn Green into guy you had to pay someone to take off your team, twice, Shawn Green. Of course Green played for months before mentioning his injury, so this could go away quietly. I don't know, I'm not a doctor.

The Diamondbacks will replace him with either Jeff DaVanon or Scott Hairston. Both are players that I'm fond of (DaVanon to a ridiculous extent) but both are substantially worse than Quentin. The Dodgers are probably going to need a little luck to push themselves over the Diamondbacks this year. This is a good start.

In other news

Mike Carminati of Mike's Baseball Rants goes off on a rant on the Phillies that looks a lot like something I would write about the Dodgers. Nice to hear from other similarly depressed points of view.