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Wonderful News

Brad Penny missed his scheduled start last night due to shoulder irritation. This is supposed to be a minor thing, but the phrase "shoulder irritation" is always scary. With Penny's injury history, I'm going to remain scared until he's back out on the mound.

In similar news, commenter Schoffle pointed me to this article from that says Jason Schmidt has lost a good deal of velocity off his fastball this Spring. Schmidt claims he's fine, but after witnessing Eric Gagne make similar claims the last two years, I'm not all that ready to believe him. Maybe Chad Billingsley and Hong-Chih Kuo will be able to begin the year in the starting rotation after all. Sadly, Kuo's four wild pitch performance last night was enough to make even the most apathetic towards Spring Training take note. Right now all we can do hope that this all works out nicely.