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Dodgers Acquire Straight Thug, Cash

With Jason Repko out indefinitely, the Dodgers needed a new Jason Repko, and they got one, acquiring Brady Clark and cash from the Millwaukee Brewers for Elmer Dessens.

Now, I love Brady Clark. Last year aside, he's a guy that can play some good center field defense, and take a walk, basically the same properties that make me irrationally love Cleveland outfielder Jason Michaels. Unlike Michaels, Clark actually can hit righties.

As for Elmer Dessens, whatever. He was a middle reliever that had inherit value since Kansas City is paying his salary. Nevertheless, he was still just a middle reliever, and can be easily replaced by Rudy Seanez or Chin-Hui Tsao.

Despite the love I have for Brady Clark, there are three ways this trade can go horribly, horribly wrong. First is that 2006 established Clark's new level of performance. Brady Clark was terrible last year, hitting just .266/.349/.344, joining the rare "higher on base percentage than slugging percentage crew". Clark is now 34, so it's entirely possible that this is a new level of performance. However, Clark was incredibly unlucky on balls in play last year. He had a very good 23.4% line drive percentage, but only had .299 BABIP. If he had hit his expected BABIP, .354, Clark would have hit a productive .299/.374/.371.

Second, Clark could get the Oscar Robles treatment, and Grady Little could just assume he's fast. Brewers manager Ned Yost certainly did, leading Clark backup a 13/17 stolen base to caught stealing ratio. The man is simply not that fast, don't act like he is.

Finally, this gives the Dodgers more veteran presence, which is always scary in Ned Colletti's hands. Does it seem that far fetched that Clark could take Andre Ethier's spot in the outfield if Ethier gets off to a slow start? How about he takes over left field instead of Matt Kemp if Luis Gonzalez gets hurt?

Nevertheless, the Dodgers are a better team today than they were yesterday. Prior to this, Ned Colletti had made only one trade that could be identified as great with no reservations: Cesar Izturis for Greg Maddux. Here's number two.