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And You Should Win Stuff Just By Reading

While my readership has gradually increased over the months, I'm not gaining eyeballs at a fast enough rate for my liking. So, I've decided to bribe people with the first annual True Blue L.A. suicide pool.

The rules are pretty straightforward:

Every Friday-Sunday you pick one team that you believe will post a winning record in their next series starting the following Monday or later. The only catch is that you can't pick the same team twice.

If that team does not win its series you are out.

Last person left wins.

The winner will receive two top deck or pavilion tickets to a future Dodger game (or whatever team that's close to you if the tickets are cheap), and a can of Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt, the only energy drink made by Steven Seagal.

You can sign up here by posting your first pick for the contest, or you can just ask questions below. Signups are closed after the first pitch on April 2nd.

Some minutiae about the contest

If you don't make a new pick between Friday and Sunday in the suicide pool post, you're eliminated

If all the remaining teams are eliminated during the same week, then they all survive to the next week.

If multiple people are still around at the end of the contest, they all win the prize.