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Choose Your Spin

For those of you who want a positive message:

Remember, Spring Training stats don't matter. Even if Mark Hendrickson allows seven runs in an inning it doesn't mean that he'll have a 63.00 ERA during the regular season. In fact, I can safely say that it will be at least 10 times less than that. If putting any emphasis on a single game is silly, doing it during the second Spring Training game is just out there. Don't worry about Mark Hendrickson, he'll do what he always does during the regular season.

And a negative message.

Remember, Spring Training stats don't matter. Even if Larry Bigbie hits two home runs off pitchers no one has heard of, it doesn't mean that he's back to his 2003 form and he's the steal of the off season. Abraham Nunez lead Spring Training in home runs a couple years ago, and the most notable thing he's done since is make a run at a sub .500 OPS. Bigbie is still the same roster filler that he was yesterday, two home runs or no.