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Dodging The Beimel Bullet

After his outing on Sunday, Joe Beimel reportedly felt something "mushy" in his elbow. I'm no doctor, but that doesn't seem like something you can fix by rubbing some dirt on it. If Beimel misses signifigant time, it should give the 2007 Dodgers a better chance at success, since there's almost no way Beimel can sustain last season's success with a K/9 ratio under four.

There shouldn't be much change to the bullpen at the start of the season since the Dodgers will probably carry an 11 man pitching staff until they need a 5th starter. Once they go to a 12 man pitching staff, prospects Greg Miller and Jonathan Meloan are his most likely replacements. Since Miller is being groomed as a starter in AAA, Meloan will probably get the call thanks to his 14.4 K/9 ratio between A, high A, AA and the Arizona Fall league in 2006. Despite his lack of big league expirence, I have to believe that Meloan has a better shot at being a useful part of the bullpen than Beimel.

In Other News:

Ken Gurnick makes this horrifying suggesstion in the latest Dodger mailbag.

I don't see Kemp as a center fielder. Pierre is signed for five years and center field is his position; however, maybe the long-range plan is to move Pierre to left because of his throwing arm and put up with Kemp's flaws in center because of his potential.
So to make up for Pierre's lowsy arm, we might get two terrible defensive positions instead of just one as Matt Kemp lumbers around centerfield. Lovely.

Update>>The injury is "minor" according to Dodger team doctors, so Beimel should be dead some time within the next three days.