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Question Of The Day

This question came up on Dodger Thoughts today, and I thought it was an interesting exercise. What are the top five rotations in baseball, once you normalize for defense and park factors. I thought this would be easy, but after the Angels and the Red Sox, I couldn't really think of any truly dominant pitching staffs. Here's what I ended up coming up with:

  1. Angels - Bartolo Colon might not deserve a spot in this rotation once he comes back from injury.
  2. Red Sox - The potential to have four ace level pitchers in Schilling, Matsuzaka, Beckett and Papelbon
  3. Marlins - Scott Olsen and Josh Johnson had pretty amazing strikeout rates at age 22. Dontrelle Willis can be dominant if he avoids the long ball.
  4. Brewers - While I don't like their four and five, Ben Sheets, Chris Capuano and Dave Bush (4.36 K/BB in 2006) can stand up to anyones one two and three starters.
  5. Dodgers - Solid, but not elite 1-2-3 starters are backed up with some of the best rotation depth in baseball.
On paper the Padres have a pretty good rotation, but that's simply because it's built to take advantage of the Padres great defense and cavernous stadium. Only Peavy would find success on any other team. Similar story with the Tigers. What do you think?