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Small Sample Size Theater

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Your league leaders after a little more than one weeks worth of games:

Batting Average
Trot Nixon: .556
Victor Martinez: .500
Miguel Cabrera: .500
Akinori Iwamura: .500
Vlad Guerrero: .440

Miguel Cabrera: 1.635
Grady Sizemore: 1.538
Alex Rodriguez: 1.528
Trot Nixon: 1.525
Vlad Guerrero: 1.363
Geoff Jenkins: 1.309

Felix Hernandez: 13.5
Daisuke Matsuzaka: 12.86
Edgar Gonzalez: 12.60
Jason Schmidt: 11.00
Kyle Davies: 10.80

The Giants Pythagorean Record is 26-136

The Mets Pythagorean Record is 145-17