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Open Thread: Game 10 - San Diego Padres

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San Diego

Marcus Giles 2B .333/.395/.485
Brian Giles RF .278/.350/.361
Mike Cameron CF .188/.333/.188
Adrián González 1B .314/.375/.600
Khalil Greene SS .250/.270/.583
Terrmel Sledge LF .308/.438/.538
Kevin Kouzmanoff 3B .136/.174/.182
Rob Bowen C .222/.222/.222
David Wells P .000/.000/.000

LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .000/.000/.000
Juan Pierre CF .211/.225/.237
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .235/.243/.324
Jeff Kent 2B .281/.361/.469
Luis González LF .323/.382/.548
Russell Martin C .323/.389/.452
Brady Clark RF .333/.333/.667
Ramón E. Martínez 3B .118/.238/.176
Derek Lowe P .000/.250/.000

Pitching Matchup:

David Wells vs Derek Lowe
0 W 1
0 L 1
2.70 ERA 5.73
6.2 IP 11.0
5.81 K/9 4.09
1.45 BB/9 5.73
0 HR/9 0

Despite being unable to finish a game two nights ago, Rafael Furcal is making a surprise return to the Dodger lineup. Also, making a surprise appearance in the lineup is Brady Clark. I didn't have any problem with Kemp taking Ethier's spot in the lineup against lefties, he needs the swings, but why Clark? What did Ethier do to suddenly become a platoon player?