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Suicide Pool Week Two Results And Week Three Signup

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I just realized how much less I can write when I'm cut off from the Internet at work. Between that, and my jet setter life style, I haven't been off the Internet the last two days, so this is a little late.

Three more people fell victim to the weather this week, as rain storms over Boston forced the Red Sox and Mariners to play to a tie, this means the end of the road for Rich, Red Menace, and Joesph.

This leaves four left for the Asian Expirence:

Saydah: Red Sox, Braves
Benaiah: Red Sox, Braves
ngross: Marlins, Braves
Cyanotic Doc: Red Sox, Braves

Get your picks for this week in before the first pitch on Monday. The following series are eligible:

Mets at Phillies
Braves at Nationals
Brewers at Reds
Padres at Cubs
Marlins at Astros
Pirates at Cardinals
Giants at Rockies
Dodgers at Diamondbacks
Royals at Tigers
Orioles at Devil Rays
Indians at Yankees
Red Sox at Blue Jays
Rangers at White Sox
Twins at Mariners
Angels at Athletics (Two games)

The Braves are playing the Nationals again this week, so that pick is out the window.