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Open Thread: Game 13 - @Arizona Diamondbacks

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LA Dodgers

Rafael Furcal SS .250/.308/.417
Juan Pierre CF .180/.192/.200
Nomar Garciaparra 1B .289/.320/.378
Jeff Kent 2B .262/.347/.429
Luis González LF .318/.362/.568
Russell Martin C .366/.449/.488
Andre Ethier RF .231/.259/.423
Wilson Betemit 3B .042/.233/.042
Brad Penny P .200/.200/.200


Stephen Drew SS .209/.340/.233
Eric Byrnes LF .273/.317/.491
Orlando Hudson 2B .412/.450/.588
Chad Tracy 3B .267/.333/.489
Carlos Quentin RF .000/.000/.000
Conor Jackson 1B .222/.356/.250
Miguel Montero C .235/.263/.412
Chris B. Young CF .156/.200/.281
Édgar González P .250/.250/.250

Pitching Matchup:

Brad Penny vs Édgar González
2 W 1
0 L 0
0.68 ERA 4.50
13.1 IP 12.0
2.75 K/9 7.5
3.44 BB/9 2.25
0 HR/9 3

Brad Penny takes the fourth best ERA in the league up against the Diamondbacks tonight. Hopefully, Penny's start will be great tonight without any buts, such as "but he allowed nine hits and was bailed out with five double plays" or "but he walked the bases loaded in the first".